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About Mi Casa of Languages | Portuguese & Spanish

Voted the most Reputable Portuguese and Spanish Language School by the Top three Major South African Universities. For the past 8 years, we ranked # 1 on the list of Communicative Latin Colleges based on an independent survey conducted by two top Brand Houses in the Foreign Language and Communicative Languages category.

100% guaranteed success rate in Spanish and Portuguese Language training


  • We have an impeccable reputation!
  • Excellent track record – 100% success rate
  • Over 3000+ students have successfully completed all levels to date
  • We have been hand selected by the most prestigious universities in Cape Town as their communicative teaching partner of choice.
  • We are the preferred language training center of 18 sought after private and public primary and high schools; facilitating school curriculums and exams to enable scholars to matriculate in SA.
  • We have a 100% student return rate!
  • Our teachers are all Master degree graduates in Foreign Language studies with a minimum of 3 years international teaching experience. They all adhere to the Mi Casa level of teaching excellence.
  • Most of our teachers have been with us from day one; some for close to 10 years.
  • Our courses are up-to-date. Our course material evolves with the languages and is updated bi-annually.
  • Because of our association with International House, our students are constantly exposed to native Portuguese and Spanish students from around the globe!
  • We are flexible and work around our student’s work, study and travel schedules and offer workable and convenient study options.
  • We are passionate, committed and motivated to ensure the progress of our students.
  • High tech, modern facilities and equipment.
  • Professionalism in a fun and relaxed environment.
  • Consistent & results driven!

We cover all aspects of reading, writing and grammatical skills, placing a huge emphasis on the importance of sound conversational techniques.

Our courses are highly interactive, enjoyable and our course material and teaching methods have been customised and designed – for over a decade – to be the most effective learning methodology currently available for easy understanding and learning of the Spanish & Portuguese Languages and Culture.

We have devised a winning methodology, whereby our students are communicating with ease and confidence through interaction and active participation – from their very 1st lesson!.

The core of our methodology is a direct approach, with an emphasis on practical communication. We aim to give our students the confidence in all types of situations, thus allowing quick and easy integration into the culture.

Our unique teaching methods focus on getting people to think in Portuguese and Spanish through a thorough understanding of grammar and pronunciation – and not simply by repeating phrases.

Our intimate Portuguese and Spanish classes offers beginners and more advanced students the opportunity to learn conversational Portuguese and Spanish enabling travelling to and doing business with Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Peru, Argentina and the other 30+ Spanish & Portuguese speaking countries so much more exhilarating.

We keep our classes small to enable lecturers to give individual attention to each student and to ensure everyone is actively involved at all times.

We are very competitively priced, with no compromise on quality.

Whether you want to work, travel or simply have a love for Latin languages, you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime studying at Mi Casa of Languages. Our emphasis falls on communicative language teachings; building the foundations for a formal qualification.

Our teachers are 100% involved with our students in order to ensure that they achieve optimal results.

Mi Casa of Languages offer tailored-made group courses and private tutoring, to individuals and companies, with a guaranteed end result that you will succeed no matter what your motivation is to speak Spanish or Portuguese.

AVOID having to go from school to school or tutor to tutor. Learn Correctly the 1st time round!

Our affiliations:

  • University of Stellenbosch
  • Wits Language School
  • International House

Mi Casa of Languages is a Communicative Language School. We teach our students how to communicate (speak, read and write) in either Portuguese & Spanish, forming the foundation towards a formal qualification.

Accreditation is only awarded to institutions where the student is studying towards a formal qualification. Mi Casa of Languages, through its affiliation with the major universities in SA and abroad have however obtained a SAQA Accreditation (Issued by the South African Qualification Association), recognising our course material and teaching methods. We are therefor the only Communicative Language School in South Africa with accreditation.

In addition we also have the following associations and affiliations.


Mi Casa of Languages is Cape Town’s most Sought after and Reputable Spanish and Portuguese Language School.

Over the past 15 years, we have established satellite campuses and support offices (to our South African and International Students) in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Lima, Miraflores, Puccalpa, and Luanda.

Since our inception in 2002, we have successfully taught conversational Portuguese and Spanish to over 8000 students ranging from ages 4 to 70+. (Complete Beginners to Business Advance levels)

While we’re classified as the “biggest and most successful” Spanish and Portuguese Language School in Cape Town, we are first and foremost – a family business. Staff and students.

In the past 15 years we have faced many challenges and put up a great fight for our South African students, who are non the wiser, to rid the community of being done in by con-artists (alleged Private tutors and many supposed schools – portraying themselves as Spanish or Portuguese teachers / experts and we have gone as far as legally addressing the Department of Higher Education to rid the public of the services these people and schools offer without the necessary qualifications. (Sadly this is still happening and these schools are still in operation)

We believe that in today’s day and age, it is not only expected, but very important that, together with the best teachers, course material and the highest teaching standards and methodology available, we also offer luxury Training Facilities and Government required Infrastructure and currently have two modern and state of the art campuses, very centrally and conveniently situated in the heart of Sea Point.

Mi Casa of Languages will always remain small enough to be considered a Family business. We know all our students by name and provide every single student with individual attention. Our students know that they will never be left to their own devises (to the annoyance of some), but our commitment and only priority is our students welfare and success. Each one of our 27 staff members have been hand selected over the years and have been part of the Mi Casa of Languages family for years. Most of them, from day 1.

To us, the teaching and learning of beautiful and historic Portuguese and Spanish is serious business and our students’ success is our priority and greatest reward!

We invite you to join our family!


Our Founding Directors, Julio Ruiz (native Brazilian and Peruvian) and Antonio Romero (South-African of Spanish decent), lives and breathes the teaching of the Portuguese and Spanish languages and cultures.

Besides their passion, commitment and dedicated over two decades – fundamental to their belief is that the learning of these languages should be affordable and accessible to everyone who shares their passion and commitment to these languages and cultures.

“To us, teaching of the Portuguese and Spanish languages is a lifestyle, not a career!” – Julio Ruiz


Respected college






Enjoyable learning experience

Personal involvement


Exceed expectations



Teacher (Spanish)

Julio, Peruvian native, holds a degree in Linguistics and Modern…


Teacher (Spanish)

Maria matriculated at the Sacre Coeur School in Buenos Aires…


Teacher (Spanish)

Some background about Jane Doe, The Teacher.


Teacher (Spanish)

Mercedes holds a PhD in Latin Linguistics and has been…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Tati obtained her Bsc in Marine biology from the University…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Vanessa was born in Lisbon (Portugal) Vanessa initially studied Electric…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Humberto graduated in English Language and Literature from P.U.C São…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Patricia graduated in Portuguese Literature from the University of Belas…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Caroline graduated at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais…


Teacher (Portuguese)

Simona graduated in Portuguese language and literature at Escola Superior…


Teacher (Spanish)

Rocio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education obtained from the…


Teacher (Spanish)

A once 1st princess in the Miss South Africa pageant…

All our native-speaking teachers who teach our customised courses are very highly qualified and experienced, with degrees and diplomas in teaching Spanish or Portuguese as a foreign language, or in Latin linguistics.

Our unique teaching methods focus on getting people to think in Portuguese and Spanish through a thorough understanding of grammar and pronunciation – and not simply by repeating phrases.

We understand the need for South Africans travelling to and working in Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking countries, and therefore teach universal Spanish and Portuguese with an extensive knowledge of the Latin cultures and local vocabulary.

At Mi Casa, learning these beautiful and historical languages is serious business!

Our teachers are 100% involved with our students in order to ensure that they achieve optimal results.


Teacher’s Training Course

Come learn our proven teaching methodology at Mi Casa of Languages and hone the skills that you need to launch your career as a Foreign Language Teacher.

Our Internship Programme

Join our supportive family of language practitioners and enjoy a rewarding experience growth, learning and lasting friendship.


23 x spacious classrooms

Air-conditioning & heating

Educe Smart Boards and top of the range projectors

Video / movie lounge

Two x student lounges

Complimentary wi-fi

Complimentary coffee & tea

Distilled water fountains

Kitchen facilities with microwaves

2 x Business centres

Extensive student library with printing facilities

Student administrator on duty throughout days and evenings


85 seater deck overlooking the Atlantic ocean with BBQ facilities

Ample safe and free parking

24 hour CCTV security

Learn Portuguese & Spanish in Cape Town


About Mi Casa of Languages | Portuguese & Spanish

Voted the most Reputable Portuguese and Spanish Language School by the Top three Major South African Universities. For the past 8 years, we ranked # 1 on the list of Communicative Latin Colleges based on an independent survey conducted by two top Brand Houses in the Foreign Language and Communicative Languages category.

100% guaranteed success rate in Spanish and Portuguese Language training

Portuguese Or Spanish Group Classes

Languages are all about communication, so what better way to learn Portuguese or Spanish than in a group setting?

In a group you can:

Our full list of Portuguese & Spanish courses & fees


On the other hand:

Contact us for private or Skype tutoring options

Do you need training for one or more employees?


Spanish for Scholars / Gap Year

Looking for great gap year courses?

Join our Spanish courses during your gap year.


Beginners Level

This level is aimed at students who have never had any exposure to the language, or have had some exposure, but never formally learned the language. We – literally – start from the ABC and then start to build and structure sentences. A little bit of vocab is added with every lesson; so you gradually become familiar and competent to deal with predictable and simple everyday tasks.

At the end of this level you will be able to understand, verbalise, read and write short, simple texts containing familiar vocabulary including basic terminology. The student will also understand and verbalise clear instructions, commonly used everyday phrases and expressions related to the areas of experience relevant to the student (including basic information about themselves, their families, at work, at home, animals, the calendar, fashion, food and drink, verbs, professions, locations, emotions, asking questions, expressing feelings etc.)

With our structured and easy to follow methodology, you will be able to form your own sentences (in the present tense) from as early as your 5th lesson.

Intermediate Level

During this level, the language learning process becomes even more interesting and enjoyable. The Beginners level focusses on the very basics and forms the foundation of the new language. During the Intermediate level – even though still forming part of the foundation phase – sentence structure becomes more elaborate, resulting in better and clearer expression and communication. (Reading, writing and speaking)

During this level, we continue with grammatical studies, but more emphasis is placed on communication.

After this level, the student will be able to describe experiences and events, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

The student can deal with most situations which are likely to arise when travelling or entertaining. The student can establish social contact in formal and informal situations and understand the gist of clear texts, in standard language, if they involve well-known topics related to work, studies or leisure.

Advance Level

The purpose of learning a new language is to eventually speak, read and write the new language. This is the most exciting level when it comes to learning a new language at Mi Casa of Languages, as this level is mostly dedicated to putting what has been learnt thus far into practise during Communication.

After the level, the student will have the ability to interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of fluency and spontaneity to enable easy and natural communication between interlocutors; produce clear and detailed texts about various topics, defend an opinion about general topics and lastly, understand the gist of complex texts about both concrete and abstract topics, including technical texts (provided they are within the candidate’s area of expertise – in the case of learning business Vocabulary).

The student will also have sufficient linguistic competence to understand a wide variety of lengthy, and somewhat demanding texts, as well as to grasp implicit meaning in the same; to express themselves and spontaneously without apparent effort to find the right words; to be able to use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes; and finally, to be able to produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts about topics of some complexity, correctly using mechanisms of organization, articulation and cohesion in the text.

Communication Levels

The Communication levels consist of three additional levels which range from Basic every day Communication to very complexed Business Spanish / Portuguese.

The Communication levels are presented either in Groups or as Private tutoring and focus on the areas students want to work on / excel in or areas the student struggled with during the initial three levels and require assistance with.

These levels are highly recommended as a method to maintain and keep the language “alive” after students have completed their formal studies; as many students don’t have Spanish or Portuguese friends to talk with afterwards and eventually loose what they have learned due to them not being exposed to the language as frequently as during their courses.

These levels are also a perfect option for students who have studied the language in the past but had a gap in-between or for students that have lived in Spanish or Portuguese speaking countries where they have learned the language, but now find themselves back in South Africa and they need to revise and keep up with the language.